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Web Design & Development

Let us craft a great experience for your customers by setting up an eye-catching website.

The goal of a website is to build credibility, drive more visitors to your website and convert them to paying customers for your business. The majority of websites today are found using internet search engines, meaning that your website needs not just a functional design but needs to be optimised for search engines.

Successful businesses need a website that not only tells prospects and clients about their business and operations but can also convert leads into sales. We design a website from the ground up using the latest design principles, building you a spectacular website equipped with the perfect algorithms to attract more leads.


A professional web designer can make all the difference to your business. Quality coding ensures server stability and quick response time. From e-commerce websites to a personal blog, this is essential. We always provide well-structured, cleanly-written code for smoother, faster and more pleasant user experience.

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Software Development

We are help small to medium businesses overcome their business challenges through the development of customised software solutions that integrate various business processes into one.

we know that introducing new software to your employees and customers is never an easy task. We also know that updating your software is one of the best things you can do to help your company stay relevant in your industry. We design and develop web and mobile solutions that will help your business flourish. Our expertise in the software development field provides peace of mind for our customers, as they know they will get quality software solutions from a knowledgeable development team.

Whether your business is looking to create a new website experience, develop a mobile app, or integrate your systems, or you’re just looking for a consultant, we’ve got you covered. Our full range of software development solutions can turn your concepts and ideas into a reality that will grow your business and establish your brand.


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Mobile App Development

Technoprofile PVT LTD build custom mobile app solutions for Android and iOS platforms. Companies and organisations that choose us for their custom mobile application development needs can be assured that our solution will be secure, scalable and sustainable.

Taking care of the technical aspect of a mobile site is just half the battle. You also have to make sure that it is optimised for the types of searches you’re getting. Mobile users are generally looking to find information quick and easy, which means they probably aren’t looking through blocks of text trying to find what they need. While desktop users expect a good deal of content that is relevant to their query.

It is also important to display your phone number and address displayed clear when it comes to mobile SEO. A mobile-friendly website has to consider many factors when designing the website.


How will you design the page? Will you choose to use a responsive webpage, adaptive web design or standalone mobile site. A responsive website modifies the layout and display of the page automatically based on the size of the device screen. While an adaptive design, on the other hand, uses static layouts based on breakpoints which detect the screen size and load the appropriate layout for it.

Is it difficult to navigate and find key information? On mobile navigation should be minimized. Your contact information and services/products should be easy to find on a mobile screen. Has the webpage been optimised for a mobile screen? If people can’t click your buttons with their fingers, they’re not big enough. Is the font type and size clear and large enough to be read from a smaller screen? If you have compressed images and files designed for desktop users, your mobile users will notice a significant drop in the page speed.

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Digital Marketing

By marketing digitally, as a business owner, you reach out to the right demographic thus making conversion a much faster and simpler process than normal.

After years and different scales of projects in Digital Marketing, our team instantly understands what models of digital campaigns your business actually requires and builds on that only. We market and advertise your product or service in a way that it feels natural to the audience to feel pulled to try or invest again in it.

Our services are aimed at helping your brand to gain visibility, and establish a strong presence amidst a wider audience where you get noticed for all the good work you are doing. Digital marketing is nothing but the umbrella term for marketing methodologies used to grow your business on the web.


An effective approach will be a blend of various methodologies, and consistent efforts with innovative service models to achieve a result-oriented outcome. We have worked with clients from different industries, and understand the thought process of different clients, which certainly helps us hit the bullseye.

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Search Engine Optimization

we can increase the Google ranking of your website in order to be accessed by a wide range of customers locally and globally. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important facet of building a successful web presence and growing your business. Our SEO services are the key to unlocking your potential and placing your business in front of more searching eyes.

Everyday the online market is becoming more and more competitive, to consistently succeed in the online world, and you need professional SEO services that consider all of the factors that impact your business’s web presence. If you need local Search Engine Optimisation services, we will provide the optimal mix of SEO services. Through this process, we can help you gain a much-needed advantage over your competition.


From choosing the right target keywords to building an effective linking strategy to creating valuable content, to keeping up with the frequents changes from Google, Bing and other search engines, a successful SEO strategy incorporates most if not all of these strategies.

SEO is an everchanging process; as it evolves we change our strategies to keep pace with the rapid changes of the online world. From the importance of on-page content and business blogging to digital marketing, social media, online advertising and content marketing we understand how the pieces fit together and the potential impact on your business web presence.

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Support is highly crucial when running a website for your business and it is not feasible to handle all of it by yourself. Offering support for a domain and running its various functionalities optimally requires skill, expertise and experience. Holistic support for your website involves monthly management involving resolution of security issues, updating the plugins, changes in website as per demand, dynamic platform establishment, and making new updates as per search engine’s upgraded algorithms.

Why support is essential to run a website optimally:

  • Combats major issues on your behalf to save time.
  • Allows you to focus on business free of technical glitches.
  • Keeps your website and domain up to date.
  • Offers a fully optimized platform helping businesses run at full potential.
  • Regular support ensures no issue or bug goes unaddressed.

We offer monthly support for a website that requires to be managed more closely and efficiently and also offer other support packages depending on the requirements of your business and client demands. We truly believe that support is offered in its real essence when it fulfils the need of the hour which is why our custom-tailored packages aim at reaching out to everyone and meeting you where you are!

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